Tour Update

Hi y’all,

As of right now, there are 41 tour stops.  We may add a few more.  The list will be finalized before the March 1st start date.  The stops are located all over the great state of Texas.  To be a Tour Finisher, participants need to make at least half of the tour stops.  But, I’m sure some of the riders will make all of them.  

We now have a Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas t-shirt available on the web page. This unisex t-shirt displays the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas logo.  It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It’s comfortable and flattering for both men and women. Check-out the link to see options (colors, sizes, etc.) for the t-shirt.

This tour is meant to be a fun tour that you ride as your schedule permits. You make your own schedule and plan your own routes to the tour stops. This is not a race, but a way to explore our great state with the freedom that motorcycles provide. The tour starts on March 1, 2020 and ends on November 15, 2020.

I know some folks are anxious to see the list of tour stops so they can start planning routes. So, I’ll provide a pending list to folks who register for the tour. The final list will be posted on the web page close to the tour start date.

We have some great sponsors that will be providing prizes. There will be prizes for the top five tour finishers (based upon the number of points earned). Some prizes will be given to folks who register first. Some prizes will be given as “door prizes” during a “pop-up” tour stop that will take place on a specific day. I’ll give at least a couple of weeks notice for that pop-up stop.

Look for the Winter issue (December) of Ride Texas magazine.  There will be an article about the tour in that issue.  Ride Texas is one of our great sponsors.  They plan to provide a one-year subscription to riders on the 2020 tour who complete at least five of the tour stops.  Now thats a great deal!

Have a great Thanksgiving next week and look for an announcement about registration opening soon…

5 thoughts on “Tour Update

  1. Barb

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Sharon Lovely

    This is awesome. Will incorporate some of these rides into CRRC rides!!!!!

  3. Kevin Baker

    Looking forward to seeing the list of stops.

    1. The list will be finalized by Feb 16th.

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