Paris is Motorcycle Country

While I’m a native Texan, I had never been to Paris until this year.  I rode there to see a particular attraction that I thought would make a great stop for the tour.  I wonder if y’all can guess what it is?  As I live pretty far from there, I did not expect to return to Paris again this year. But, there was a rather spectacular event there later in the year that I could not resist.   It did not disappoint.  I got a patch in the mail for that event a couple of days ago.  Yep, 3,496 riding buddies and I set a new world record for the most Harleys in a parade.   Very cool that the record was brought back to the US and particularly cool that it was in Texas.  Paris, Texas is motorcycle country!

In addition to the attraction stop in Paris, we have two sponsored stops in Paris!   Paris is motorcycle country!  

We are excited to be a part of this Texas Tour!  Paris Harley Davidson is the home of a Guinness Book of World Records and former Business of the Year and South Main Iron is a great new location for our revitalization of downtown Paris, Texas.  We love motorcycles in Paris, Texas!!!” 
Paul Allen, President, Lamar County Chamber of Commerce

Our sponsored stops in Paris are:

Paris Harley-Davidson
2875 NE Loop 286
Paris, TX 75460
Ph. 903-874-6392

South Main Iron
255 1st St SW
Paris, TX 75460
Ph. 877-727-5170

Be sure to make all the stops in Paris while on the tour.

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