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The purpose of the tour is to explore and experience the great state of Texas on your bike. This should be a fun exploration on your bike, not a grueling ride. This is a self-guided, Grand Tour. It is not a race and it is not a 1,000 mile a day event. Texas has fascinating history, great roads to ride, varied geographic regions, cool towns to explore, and many nice folks to meet.

Make it to 25 of the tour stops to qualify as a Tour Finisher (in accordance with the rules for participation). The tour lasts about eight months. So, folks can spend time exploring, seeing the sights, and experiencing all that our great state has to offer.

The tour is open to all brands of motorcycles (two wheeled and three wheeled), as long as the vehicle does not have a steering wheel and/or is not designed for an operator and passenger to sit side-by-side. The tour is not open to cars and autocycles. Motorcycles with sidecars are allowed.

Participants in the tour will visit tour stops that include roadside attractions, historical sites, memorials, unique geography, and biker friendly businesses that sponsor the tour. Our great sponsors help make the tour possible.

2023 Tour Major Sponsors

Masthead_Chromed-Red-Logo2Ride Texas magazine is a Platinum Level Sponsor.  If you like to tour Texas, you will love the great articles about roads to ride and places to see in Ride Texas magazine.

2023 MotorcycleGear Green Over Black

MotorcycleGear.com is a Platinum Level Sponsor.  They are a great internet source for motorcycle gear and are located in Texas.


Moto Liberty is a Platinum Level Sponsor.
  It’s a great store in the Dallas area with a wide selection of motorcycle gear and accessories for all types of riding.  


Red Roof is Platinum Level Sponsor.  They are a motorcycle friendly lodging chain.  They have properties throughout the United States.  Riders can get a 20% discount at any of their US properties by entering special rate code 628641 as their VP+ code.  

Texas Sidecar Company is a Gold Level Sponsor.  They have been developing sidecars for over 20 years!  They have sidecars available for most rigs, including Golding, Vespa, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, and Yamaha!

Don’t have a bike to ride in Texas?
You can rent a bike from Riders Share to ride on the tour.
Sign-up and receive a $25 credit towards your rental bike.

For the full list of 2023 tour sponsors, go to the Sponsorship Page.

The tour stop locations are posted on this website. Registered participants are provided with a tour flag (placard). Each flag has a unique number

Participants take a picture of their motorcycle and tour flag at tour stops, then upload them to receive credit for the stop.

Participants that upload 25 or more of the tour stops before the end of the tour receive credit as Tour Finishers. Tour Finishers receive a patch.

Participants receive points for each tour stop and for purchases with designated tour sponsors. The three tour riders with the highest number of points accumulated will win prizes.

More details are on the Rules for Participation page.

The Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas is proud to be chartered and sanctioned by the American Motorcyclists Association.  You don’t have to be a member of the AMA to register for the tour. AMALogo2_4C, I highly recommend AMA membership.  The AMA works to protect the rights of motorcyclists.  Membership in the AMA has advantages such as discounts on numerous products and lodging, a subscription to the American Motorcyclist magazine, membership in the AMA Texas Chapter (or other states for non-Texans), etc.  Click here to join the AMA.

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