The selection of shirt styles and colors has grown. Wearing a tour t-shirt is a great way to show folks that you are on the tour. Please carefully read the description of the products before ordering. There is a sizing guide on the page for each shirt. If you buy more than one kind of shirt, be sure to check the sizing guide for each type of shirt (as they may differ).

There is a no return policy on shop merchandise. All sales are final.

Other than the tour hat and stickers, items are shipped from a 3rd party drop shipper. This frees me from having to maintain an inventory and handle shipping.

The cost of the hat is $32.95 plus tax, which includes shipping. The cost of the stickers is $4.75, which includes shipping. I have a limited number of hats and stickers, so am asking folks to let me know if they would like to order a hat or sticker. I’ll send an invoice to folks who want one, if I have them in stock. If you want a hat or sticker, use this link to let me to – CLICK HERE.