David’s Bio

David is a native Texan. He has lived in numerous Texas cities. They include San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Laredo, San Marcos, Temple, and Boerne.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas State University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Webster University. He served in the Army Reserve for six years. He retired from the federal government in December 2017 and relocated back to Texas in 2018.

As a federal employee, he served as an Inventory Manager (logistics) with the Air Force, as a Contracting Officer and Supervisory Contracting Officer with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and as a Program Manager in Small Business Offices with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Agency for International Development. As a small business advocate with federal small business offices, he advised small business owners on the requirements to sell their products or services to the federal government. He advised many small businesses over the years, spoke at numerous small business conferences throughout the United States, and hosted small business conferences.

David also served as the Vice President of a non-profit organization, VA2 Chapter of the Hogs and Heroes Foundation, that supports Veterans and First Responders. In that capacity, he organized fund raising events to support Veterans and First Responders in Virginia.

David established the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas, LLC to provide a fun experience for motorcyclists that enjoy touring and to highlight great small businesses that are biker friendly and see the value of the motorcyclist market.

Pictures from some of the motorcycle tours David has been on.

David can be contacted at DavidCanada@mcgttx.com.