Tour Update

Registration for the 2020 tour opened the day after Thanksgiving.    It has been great to see folks from all over the state of Texas register for the tour.   There are also folks from several other states that have registered.  They include Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Washington.  This tour is meant to be a … Continue reading Tour Update

Strange Things along the Road

I have encountered some strange things on my various motorcycle road trips. I like to see roadside attractions and unusual stuff on my travels. I’ll be sure to include some cool roadside attractions on the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas. The roadside attractions shown below are from some of my travels outside of Texas. Stephen … Continue reading Strange Things along the Road

Pop-Up Tour Stops

Hi y’all, Two or three of the 2020 tour stops will be “pop-up” stops. The locations of the pop-up stops won’t be announced at the beginning of the tour. Instead, they will likely be announced with three or four weeks notice. The pop-up tour stops will likely involve charitable causes. I will try to arrange … Continue reading Pop-Up Tour Stops