Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships provide great marketing opportunities!

Sponsorship opportunities for the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas (MCGTTX) provide outstanding opportunities for attracting participants in the tour to your place of business.  There are a limited number of sponsorships available every year.

Participants are incentivized to not only visit your establishment, but to also make purchases.  Motorcycle dealers/shops, restaurants, lodging establishments, visitor centers, etc. are ideal sponsors, as tour participants fit the same target customer base as those establishments.

The MCGTTX is a statewide, self-guided tour.  In addition to visiting tour sponsor locations, tour riders and passengers will visit roadside attractions, historical sites, and memorial sites around the state.

Texas has the third most registered motorcycles in the United States.  Per WorldAtlas.com[1], Texas has 443,856 registered motorcycles. The average age of a motorcyclist is 48 and the average household income is $85,300.  Per the US Census[2], the 2016 average US household income was $57,617 (in Texas, it was  $56,565). As you can see, motorcycle riders have more disposable income than average. 

Riders in the tour have an incentive to visit your business and to make purchases.  Participants in the tour will receive points for visiting and properly documenting (submission of a picture with their motorcycle and rally flag at the tour stop) their visit to a tour stop.  Sponsors of the tour will be included as Sponsor Tour Stops.  This will provide exposure to your business and bring in potential customers.  In addition to the points that participants receive for stopping at a Sponsor’s location, they can receive even more points for properly documented purchases they make from Sponsors. To do so, they will email a picture of a receipt from the sponsor’s business before the end of the tour.  A maximum of three receipts per business may be submitted.  For purchases of $1.00 to $49.99, participants will receive five (5) points.  For purchases of $50.00 or more, participants will receive ten (10) points.  

The number of points that tour participants will receive for a Sponsor Tour Stop varies based upon the Sponsorship Level you choose.  The points per sponsorship level are:

  • Bronze Sponsor locations stops will be worth 5 points.
  • Silver Sponsor locations will be worth 7 points.
  • Gold Sponsor locations will be worth 9 points.
  • Platinum Sponsor locations will be worth 12 points.

Each Sponsor will receive marketing exposure by the MCGTTXC.  Web links and recognition of Tour Sponsors will be as follows:

  • Bronze Sponsor – A web link on the MGTTX Tour Stops Web Page.
  • Silver Sponsor –  A web link on the MCGTTX Tour Stops Web Page.
  • Gold Sponsor – A web link on the MCGTTX Home Page and Tour Stops Page with recognition as a Gold Sponsor.
  • Platinum Sponsor – A web link on the MCGTTX Home Page and Tour Stops Page with recognition as a Platinum Sponsor.

The MCGTTX web page and/or MCGTTX Facebook page will be periodically updated to highlight rider’s tour to draw attention and excitement about the tour stops. Periodic updates to the tour’s Facebook page can be made to highlight events conducted by sponsors (sales, promotions, special events, etc.).    

The three participants with the highest number of total points will be recognized on the web page as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers and will receive prizes.  The prizes may be gift certificates and/or merchandise from sponsor businesses.  

I’d love the opportunity to talk with you about the marketing opportunities that the tour offers for your business. Please contact me for any questions at email me at DavidCanada@mcgttx.com.  


David A. Canada
Owner/Tour Coordinator
Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas