A little about me.

Hi y’all,

I’m a native Texan. I was born at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio), as my folks were stationed there at the time. My dad was career Army. As a military family, we moved frequently. Many of those moves were back to Texas. Growing-up and during my career, I lived in numerous Texas cities (San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Laredo, San Marcos, Temple) along I-35.

After a 31 year career with the federal government (three different agencies) that took me to both coasts and several states, I retired from the federal government in December 2017. I sold my northern Virginia house and moved back to Texas as soon as I could.

I have taken part in several motorcycles tours and really enjoyed them. During my career, I organized and hosted numerous conferences and events for small businesses (particularly Veteran Owned Small Businesses). So, I’m utilizing my experience riding in motorcycle tours and organizing events to put on the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas.

I decided that once I retired back to Texas I would explore parts of the state that I have never seen. The I-35 corridor is great, but there is a whole lot more of Texas to see. Some of the places I have explored will be on the tour and some places that I will find this year (2019) will be on the tour.

There are expenses and time requirements to organize a good tour. To keep the registration cost reasonable (it will likely be about $30), sponsors are needed. The sponsors will be biker friendly retail businesses (restaurants, bike shops, etc.). In addition to looking for interesting and fun locations for folks find on the tour, I’ll also be meeting with many retail businesses to pitch the advantages of sponsoring the tour. If you know of biker friendly retail businesses (family friendly too) in your neck of the woods that may be interested, I would appreciate the lead. You can send me an e-mail at DavidCanada@mcgttx.com. Please put “Lead” in the subject line.

I’m looking forward to meeting bikers from all over Texas and putting on a tour that will give you a great excuse to ride, explore, and see more of Texas. God bless Texas.

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  1. Belinda Barrera

    I look forward to hearing more about the tours.

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